Wrap Yourself in Comfort During a Difficult Time

When a loved one passes away, friends and family members may be inclined to lie in bed and enclose themselves under the covers. This is a natural aspect of grief, as the first stage of dealing with a loss includes denial and isolation.

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Since mourners are going through something sensitive in nature, what can you get them in order to guide them through the process of bereavement?

The Woven Funeral Blanket is a wonderful option, since it’s both physically and emotionally comforting. Since you’re wrapping yourself in the image of a loved one, it’s almost like you’re getting a hug from beyond, which gives mourners a great deal of solace during a difficult period in their lives.

The blankets are 4.5’ by 6’ and feature images of the deceased woven into the fabric. The blankets can be hung near funeral home flowers and other gifts, for mourners to see when they arrive at a viewing. So in addition to being a gift, they can also add to the atmosphere of the memorial chapel, becoming a beautiful focal point in celebration of a life loved and lost.

Plus, they can be used and cherished beyond the funeral service as a source of comfort during moments when grief becomes too much. Months or years down the road, when a family member is having a moment where they especially miss the deceased, they can unfold this blanket and find consolation in it.

Woven Funeral Blankets are:

– machine washable
– non-fading
– personalized with a photo of your choosing

These Funeral Home Blankets, or Tribute Blankets, can be customized and ordered here via the Funeral Home Gifts website.

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