Why Public Viewings are Important

In Markwell’s Frequently Asked Questions portion of the website, we address why it’s important to have a public viewing, citing: “[. . .] experts believe that it can also aid in the grief process for the loved ones attending the funeral.”

How so?

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According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, “the history of the funeral service is a history of mankind,” as humans have been honoring the deceased with funerals since the beginning of civilization.

There are a few reasons why publicly mourning individuals is so cathartic and helpful in the grieving process.

1. Funerals can help individuals understand death. Since denial is a part of the process of grief, being able to actually see the deceased can help mourners understand that their loved one is actually gone.

2. Being social helps you fight depression. Those mourning the loss of a family member or friend may often be vulnerable to depression. While these individuals may feel the need to withdrawal, that’s actually the worst thing you can do, as sharing stories about the deceased with a supportive social network can actually help you fight prolonged sadness.

3. At funerals, there’s no need to hide sadness. A funeral home is the one place where you can just let it all come out in terms of tears and sadness. No one will judge you because they’re all feeling the same way, which is another reason why attending public viewings is so important.

Death doesn’t work around people’s schedules, which can often make attending public viewings inconvenient. However, being inconvenienced emotionally and physically for a day can help you and others get through the grief process. Or as so beautifully put in this “This I Believe” piece: “You can’t come in without going out, kids. Always go to the funeral.”

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