What Happens to Your Online Accounts When You Die?

online-accounts-after-deathFrom blogs and social media pages to digital accounts and photos, our online presences persist long after we’re gone these days. And while most of us create wills specifying what should happen to our property and possessions after we pass, we may not spend as much time considering what will become of our online accounts when we’re no longer here. At Markwell Funeral Homes, we offer support and guidance throughout all aspects of the funeral planning process, including what to do with your online accounts.

The Importance of Gathering Online Accounts Info

From paying bills to keeping in touch with friends and colleagues, many of us use the Internet to manage various aspects of our lives. According to a new proposal by the Uniform Law Commission, a representative of the deceased would be able to access his or her online accounts but not send messages or requests from the account in question. Because the laws governing what happens to our online accounts after death are still being written, gathering information beforehand is crucial to protecting loved ones after you’re gone.

At Markwell Funeral Homes, we recommend that clients designate a place in the home for storing essential documents. Along with pins and access keys for bank and financial accounts, be sure to include passwords for social media pages, online photo albums, and blogs. You should also provide instructions for the person who will be executor of your estate. By planning ahead, you can help minimize any burden on family members and friends left behind.

Create a Web Memorial for Loved Ones

Along with assisting individuals in protecting their online accounts, Markwell Funeral Homes takes pride in helping to create lasting digital legacies for lost loved ones. An online tool, Book of Memories lets family and friends post photos, write condolence notes, and even light virtual candles.

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