Threshold Choir Comforts Hospice Patients with Music

Music can be such a powerful tool.

This past January, Grease: Live performer Vanessa Hudgens channeled her grief over the loss of her father into a moving musical performance during the live presentation on FOX.

It’s fitting that Hudgens was able to perform so beautifully, as music is often an integral part of the mourning process, especially at funeral and memorial services. But unfortunately, the deceased are not around to experience the beauty in the music.

The Threshold Choir has set out to make beautiful music to bring peacefulness to those who are sick or dying. Composed of singers from around the country and world, The Threshold Choir group is unique in that it sings to patients in hospice care, to those individuals who may only have months, weeks, or days to live. The choir, founded by Kate Munger, has been growing since its start in 2000, and today, there are chapters in more than 120 cities.

Munger claims the idea for the group came to her in 1990, when she was helping a friend who was battling AIDS. “I sang the song that gave me courage,” writes Munger on the group website. “I sang it for two and a half hours. It comforted me, which comforted him.”

The Threshold Choir performs by going from room to room in hospice care, introducing themselves, and then asking the patients whether they’d like to hear a song. Sometimes even the patients will join in and sing with them.

For Munger, she started the group based on a personal story, and this isn’t unique when it comes to participation in the group. A lot of the choir members sing based on having lost friends and relatives to terminal illnesses.

The Threshold Choir provides a beautiful gift to those who are in hospice care, bringing comfort to these people when they need it most.

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