“Spill the Beans with a Taxpayer” Event Helps Local Seniors

IMG_0143The New Year brings about many exciting events like the Super Bowl and the Oscars, but it also brings about an event everyone dreads: tax season.

On Monday, January 25, Senior Education Ministries scheduled a special “Spill the Beans with a Tax Preparer” event at the Casey Senior Social Center from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The free program featured Brad Oakley CPA of Larsson, Woodyard, & Henson LLP, a firm that’s been providing accounting services to Casey since 1970.

Oakley spoke to a crowd of 25 seniors, answering financial-related questions, and Jay Markwell of Markwell and Greenwell funeral homes and Markwell preneed counselor Sandi Huelskamp also spoke about the importance of prearranging a funeral and how it helps defray funeral expenses to individuals and their families.

IMG_6898 (1)

In addition to speaking to the seniors, Markwell Funeral Home also provided a complimentary lunch of beans and cornbread to the local residents. After the talk, seniors played the GoWish game to determine what is important to them when it comes to dealing with plans for after they pass away.

Markwell Funeral Home is committed to helping the community with preneed funeral services and planning ahead. Advanced funeral planning has proven to be the most cost-effective way to pay for funeral expenses, and not only does it relieve financial stress on you and your family, but it also takes the emotional burden off your family during a very difficult time.

To get started on making a funeral plan, fill out this advanced funeral planning form on the Markwell website.IMG_4490 (1)

For information on news to the funeral industry, Markwell Funeral Home, and answers to questions related to developing a funeral plan, read Markwell’s blog, which offers further information. You can also contact Markwell Funeral Home with your questions at (888) 932-2630 or email them at info@markwellfuneralhome.com.