Prince’s Death Teaches Us an Important Lesson


There have been many shocking deaths in 2016, including David Bowie who preplanned his entire funeral down to gifting the world with one last album.  But whereas Bowie had every detail nailed down before his death, pop legend Prince wasn’t so fortunate.

When the artist suddenly passed away at 57 years old in April, he failed to leave a will, leaving his more than $250 million estate in limbo. Right now, lawyers and family members are trying to figure out who will receive his millions, which adds stress to an already emotionally stressful time. Prince leaves behind no living heirs, as sadly his son Boy Gregory Nelson passed away a week after being born.

Markwell Funeral Home is committed to helping families think ahead when it comes to funeral preplanning and creating a will. Advanced funeral planning reduces the stress involved when a death occurs, and it also carries out the deceased’s wishes, with no guessing necessary.

When creating a will, there are three things to keep in mind when drafting one: you’ll need an executor, specific details (exactly what you want), and frequent or annual reviews of the will.

Interested in getting started with the preplanning process? Markwell Funeral Home would be more than happy to guide you. Fill out this helpful funeral preplanning form, which requires information like who the preplanning services are for, education, family information, work history, military services, and funeral preferences.

Markwell Funeral Home can also help put you on the path toward drafting a will and sidestepping the stress that Prince’s family is suffering.

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