Pilot Does the Unthinkable for Grieving Family

DSC_0284Even though you can plan a funeral, sometimes life’s unpredictable and unfortunate events can interfere with the mourning process.

Recently, an Arizona family was on their way to Tennessee to attend the funeral of a family member who had recently lost his battle with lung cancer. Unfortunately, the family’s flight from Arizona to a connecting flight in Minneapolis was delayed by 90 minutes. When they finally arrived in Minnesota, their flight to Tennessee was taking off. The funeral was the next day, and this was the last plane going out to Memphis.

Naturally, the family was devastated, as this was their last chance to say goodbye to their beloved family member. Public viewings have proven especially cathartic and missing out on this ritual can impede the process of grief.

From the windows of the airport, the family members waved in desperation to the pilot and crew, begging them to let them on, even though the plane was already on its way to the runway. Fortunately for the family, the pilot Captain Adam Cohen saw their forlorn pleas and cries and made a bold decision: He turned the plane around to pick them up.

There were a lot of risks with this move. He jeopardized the reputation of his employer. But in the end, it all worked out for the best. The ever-grateful family got to Memphis in time to say goodbye at the funeral, and the airline ended up having the best customer service story of the holiday season, all because a pilot put the “friendly” in “friendly skies.”

Kindness goes a long way, especially with those that are grieving, and this family won’t soon forget what the pilot did for them that day.

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