One Room is the One-Stop Problem-Solver for Travel Issues

As if a death in the family isn’t emotionally stressful enough, it never works around people’s schedules. It can happen at any time, and sometimes, the next flight home isn’t available or you simply don’t have enough money in the bank to pay for the travel expenses.


Luckily, for Markwell friends and relatives that can’t pay their respects at the local funeral home, they can use One Room as a part of Markwell’s online funeral services. One Room is an online streaming service via the Markwell funeral home website that provides mourners with a live-cast of the funeral or memorial service. So if relatives or friends are across the globe and can’t physically be there, they can use the amenity in order to virtually honor the deceased.

In order to use One Room, you’ll need one of the following:

– PC (personal computer)
– Smartphone or iPhone
– iPad or tablet
– IP-enabled TV

Markwell will have cameras set up to live-stream and record the footage, for mourners around the world to see. It will almost feel like they are there themselves.

One Room is ideal for the following situations:

– College students who can’t get home due to finals, expenses, and other conflicts
– Friends and relatives who live internationally and are unable to get to the funeral service in time
– Home-bound individuals like the elderly and sick
– Those who can’t get out of work commitments

It’s a global world, which means that more and more people may be physically farther apart in distance, but closer than ever when it comes to digital technologies like Skype and FaceTime. One Room makes it so that at the click of a mouse or touch of a touchscreen, people are still able to “physically” experience the funeral of a loved one, even if they have geographical limitations.

For more information about memorial options like One Room, call Markwell Funeral Home at (217) 932-2131 or email