One of the Biggest Benefits of Pre-Planning a Funeral

There are many benefits to pre-planning a funeral at Markwell Funeral Home. The “deceased” are able to make their wishes known before they pass away, and it takes the stress off of the family who may be forced to make difficult decisions without knowing what their loved one wanted.

But one other big factor in pre-need funeral services is this: saving money.

preplanning a funeral

If you’re worried about funeral expenses and being able to afford the funeral you want, pre-need services are the way to go. You don’t need to pay for the funeral all at once. You can stretch out the payment schedule over the course of five or even 10 years. Pre-planning a funeral allows people of all backgrounds and financial allocations to plan a memorial experience to their liking and within their budgetary constraints.

Another benefit of pre-planning a funeral is being able to suspend the cost to today’s prices, meaning that you’ll be able to prevent yourself from paying inflated prices in the future. You can buy your funeral plan at a fixed rate, and Markwell Funeral Home will include a written agreement that assures you there will be no hidden fees or additional costs. Plus, if you move away, you can take your agreement and funeral plan with you and conduct your memorial in another city.

Pre-need funeral services are not exclusively for the wealthy or people who are comfortable with money. People of all incomes can participate, and in the end, it actually ends up saving you money when the time actually comes to plan for a funeral.

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