What Obituaries and Funeral Planning Have in Common

Recently, the Wall Street Journal released an article about former newspaper man, Tom Vartabedian, who’s applying his years of industry experience in writing to help seniors construct the story of their life—he’s walking them through the process of writing their own obituaries.

“Don’t leave anything to chance,” said the retired newsman in the Wall Street Journal article. “The chance that somebody else makes a debacle of it.”

Since the act of writing your own obituary allows you control to say what you want about yourself from beyond the grave, it also puts a spotlight on the importance of preplanning your funeral.

“Friends and family mean well,” says the writer of the WSJ article, James R. Hagerty,” but they may skip a cherished accomplishment or miss a favored family survivor.”

What both advanced funeral planning and writing your own obituary do is remove the second guessing for surviving family members. There’s nothing left out because you said everything you wanted to say, planned everything you wanted to plan.

Thinking of writing your own obituary? Here are 3 quick tips:

  1. Go ahead and brag. Brag away with your achievements. It’s your obituary. But reel it in to around 800 words.
  1. What made you happy? Even little anecdotes and favorite things, like a vacation spot or funny story, can help steer you toward a very meaningful obituary.
  1. Don’t try to impress anyone. It’s your obituary, so be yourself. You don’t need to be formal and take on a tone you normally wouldn’t. You may even want to address your audience directly, in the first person point of view. This can be a very powerful and memorable way of telling the story of your life.

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