November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, with the theme for this particular month being Know Your Options.

One of the first questions people may ask themselves is “When is the right time to ask about hospice?” The answer to this question is now. It’s best to do advanced preparation when it comes to hospice, asking the patient before he or she may be forced into a situation that might be confusing for them. So during the month of November, Markwell Funeral Home encourages everyone to have these important conversations about hospice care and options.

Our Casey funeral home appreciates everything hospice workers do in our community. End-of-life care can be an especially challenging job, but these individuals do everything they can to make their patients and their patients’ families as comfortable as possible. Some hospice care workers will even ask special choirs to come in and sing to their patients, to ease a bit of their discomfort through beautiful melodies. Other hospice workers have described being there for the end of a life similar to a doctor or nurse who helps bring life into the world. Even though one is a joyous occasion, it doesn’t make the other one any less special. It’s important for an individual to have someone by their side as they enter what’s beyond this physical world.

Markwell Funeral Home recognizes hospice and palliative care workers for all they do for the community and thanks them for their commitment to their patients.

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