New Study Shows Disparity Among Who Actually Pre-Plans Their Funerals

Markwell Funeral Home believes that funeral and memorial services are an important part of the grieving process, but as it turns out, so do a majority of Americans.

preplanning a funeral

According to the results of a new survey conducted among 1,238 adults ages 40 and up and 305 adults ages 20 to 39, most people believe that funerals are healthy and that funeral directors can help people grieve by developing an appropriate funeral plan to honor a loved one’s life.

In fact, 69 percent of adults 40 and up in the study said that they would prefer to pre-plan their own funeral service. But interestingly enough, only 17 percent had actually made arrangements, with 55 percent reporting plans to start pre-planning over the next five years.

Markwell Funeral Home offers everything patrons need to pre-arrange a funeral. Those interested in starting the pre-arranging process can get started here.

Markwell Funeral has a simple form that you can either fill out and submit through the site or download and print off yourself to fill out. The form will ask you questions such as who you’re filling this out for, where the person worked, who would survive the person in the time of their death, and more.

Not only is pre-arranging an important way to make sure you have a memorial service to your loved one’s or your personal liking, it’s also a crucial way to make sure your family doesn’t have to foot the bill for your funeral. Pre-arranging is a cost-effective solution. And, in the new study, 74 percent of Americans said their main reason for pre-planning a funeral would be to eliminate financial stress so survivors wouldn’t have to pay for their memorial services.

For information on how to pre-plan a funeral at Markwell Funeral Home and answers to questions related to developing a funeral plan, read Markwell’s blog, which offers further information. You can also contact Markwell Funeral Home with your questions at (888) 932-2630 or email them at