Markwell’s Front Light Has a Special Meaning

Light represents a lot.

It can represent a higher being, enhanced vision, or even life in general, like the flicker of a flame on a candle. It’s usually a positive representation, which is why we at Markwell Funeral Home have a unique way we utilize light to demonstrate to the community our dedication to patrons.

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If you’ve ever visited Markwell Funeral Home, you may notice the light at our front entrance. This isn’t just a light to help people see, it’s a light to help honor the passing of a loved one.

Any time the light is lit, this means Markwell Funeral Home is caring for a family who has experienced a loss and that we’re working with them to provide personalized funeral services. It represents our dedication to the community.

terre haute funeral homes

During the funeral planning and funeral service process, the light will be lit day and night to honor the passing of an individual. Not only is it Markwell’s way of showing its commitment to its patrons, but it’s also a way to honor them.

Markwell Funeral Home prides itself in its responsibility to the community, especially during one of the most difficult times in people’s lives. Our staff is ready and available to provide the best possible experience for families and friends, and this light is just one representation of how we do it. Even when the light is off, it’s always “on,” as we our work with friends and family grieving the loss of a loved one never ends.

For information on Markwell Funeral Home’s community involvement and answers to questions related to our local funeral home services and developing a funeral plan, read Markwell’s blog, which offers further information. You can also contact Markwell Funeral Home with your questions at (888) 932-2630 or email them at