Markwell Sponsors Dine with a Doc Program Featuring Physical Therapist

On Tuesday, November 17, Markwell Funeral Home took part in the Dine with a Doc program from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Casey Senior Social Center at 2 SW 2nd St. in Casey.

The Dine with a Doc program is a free program that encourages seniors in the area to learn more about health topics that relate to them. In July, Markwell Funeral Home helped bring in an audiologist to speak with older citizens about their hearing.

For the month of November, the keynote speaker for the Dine with a Doc event was Andrea Keller, a physical therapist from Sarah Bush Lincoln Center. Keller offered the senior citizens tips about how to avoid falls as well as some exercises they can do to strengthen their muscles and promote balance. Chris Kessler and Allison Meinhart were also on hand from the Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center. Allison used a pulse oximeter to show the seniors how they monitor oxygen saturation and heart rate, while Chris demonstrated how an oxygen concentrator works.



There were 28 seniors present, plus representatives from Markwell Funeral Home, Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center, Heritage Woods, Community Care Systems, Senior Education Ministries, and the Casey Senior Social Center. The program involves a free lunch, and the seniors were treated to Zuppo Toscana soup, rolls, peaches and bananas, and lemon layer dessert.


At the end of the program, door prizes were given out to people who participated in the program. The winners of prizes included: Betty Goodwin, Bonnie McCash, Debbie Vernon, Dorothy Glidewell, David King, June Ellington, Rose Peterson, and Don Lovell.

The Dine with a Doc program is now scheduled to take place every third Tuesday of every month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the new location of the Casey Senior Social Center. We hope to see you there next month!

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