Man’s Obituary Highlights Importance of Preneed Services

Friends and family members may put a lot of time, effort, and worry into crafting the perfect obituary for a loved one.

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But fortunately, for Douglas Legler’s family, Legler made it easy on the ones he would leave behind by telling them exactly what he wanted his to say. Sadly, this Fargo, N.D., resident passed away last week, but now the world is reading his obituary and calling it one of the funniest and best ones ever: Doug Died.

That’s all it says!

For years, Doug would tell his family members that when he would die, that’s exactly what he wanted his obituary to read. While it’s very succinct (two words!), it captures the heart of Doug’s sarcastic personality (one photograph on Buzzfeed includes him holding up a t-shirt that says “I Hate Everybody”).

This story also highlights the importance of preneed services and knowing what you or your loved one wants when it comes to planning a funeral. It adds less stress on family members and makes the grieving process a little easier. Had Doug’s family not learned of his final obituary wish, the world might not have come to know Doug and his final words may not have been so bluntly perfect. It was not only a great way to remember the 85-year-old, but it was also like a little piece of this man was living on.

His daughter told WDAZ News that she was sure her father was up there having a good laugh over this.

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