Learn more about the Dine with a Doc program

If you’re a reader of this blog, you know that we here at Markwell Funeral Homes are committed to serving the community. Some events we have participated in in the past have included our Summer Reading Program at the Casey Township Library and Easter in the Park at Fairview Park. We love giving back to people in Casey, IL and the surrounding areas.

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Here’s yet another program we are involved with that we want you to learn more about: the Dine with a Doc program.

Markwell Funeral Home sponsors the lunch for the Dine with a Doc programs that takes place every other month at the Casey Senior Center and helps seniors make informed choices regarding their health care, usually pertaining to specific topics (for example, one month included the subject of eye, while another focused on accounting).

While the program addressed residents of Casey, IL and the surrounding community, Dine with a Doc is actually a national initiative and consists of a format that includes:

– A Welcome and optional Prayer

– Pledge of Allegiance (and recognition of veterans)

– A meal

– Presentation by local businesses (they don’t sell services to the seniors, but simply inform them about their company’s options and how their resources may assist them in better living)

– Doctor (or sometimes non-doc, but health-related professional) makes his/her presentation

The Dine with a Doc program typically takes place over a couple of hours, with the presenter usually staging a presentation that lasts approximately 30 minutes. For seniors, it’s nice to get them up and moving and out of their house, and it’s also something to educate them on how to stay healthy.

For more information on the Dine with a Doc program, contact Markwell at (888) 932-2630 or email them at info@markwellfuneralhome.com.

For info on Markwell Funeral Home’s involvements within the community and answers to questions related to funeral home services, read Markwell’s blog, which offers further information.