Should You Hire a Photographer for a Funeral?

Should you hire a photographer for a funeral?

People hire photographers for weddings, anniversaries, and other happy occasions. But rarely do you ever hear of people hiring photographers for a funeral.

One Huffington Post writer thinks this tradition should be changed.

“Life is not about only recording the best moments,” writes Australian photographer Katishe Haberfield. “Life is full of a range of experiences and emotions and if we focus only on the super sugary glossy ones, we miss the important part of being human.”

Reasons To Hire a Funeral Photographer

She cites a few of the reasons for taking photos at funerals to include a visual record of who attended, to capture the emotion of the event, and to provide healing for those left behind.

Since Haberfield is a photographer, some might assume this idea to be a cash grab for her business, but Haberfield actually gained this insight from personal experience.

“I admit, I’d never thought about it until my father died, and then my uncle took photos at the funeral. At the time, I thought, whatever, but now, I am really pleased he did.”

This isn’t the first time the funeral industry has started to include wedding-related features or even nuptials in general. Last year, there were reports of funeral homes accommodating wedding ceremonies.

Having a photographer at a funeral can also capture family moments. With busy schedules and families located around the country and world, sadly funerals often serve as makeshift family reunions. So having a photographer able to snap photos of family members reunited can also take a somber moment and turn it into a more joyous one.

Should you decide to include a photographer in your funeral plan, Markwell Funeral Home would be happy to accommodate them.

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