Happy 90th Birthday to Lee Markwell!

July 12th marked an important date for the Markwell Funeral Home family. We were happy to celebrate the 90th birthday of former Markwell owner Lee Markwell!

Lee's brother, Jr. Markwell, and sister, Lois, join Jay and wife Eleanor on July 12.
Lee with his brother, Jr. Markwell, sister, Lois, and Jr.’s wife, Eleanor, on July 12.

Lee Markwell was born on July 12, 1926 inside the funeral home! He eventually went on to graduate from Casey High School in 1944. Right out of high school, he was drafted by the Merchant Marines and served as a Purser Pharmacist Mate from 1944 to 1945. After serving his country, he went on to Worsham College of Mortuary Science, graduating with his degree in 1950.

Shortly after graduating, he joined his brother Cleone Jr. and his father Cleone “Marky” Markwell Sr. in the funeral business.

“I was born into the funeral business…The funeral business is literally a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week job. You have to enjoy your work to be successful.”

In fact, next year Markwell Funeral Home celebrates its own 90th birthday. Through the funeral home’s nearly nine decades of service, there have been competitors, but Markwell Funeral Home is the only one that has survived. Lee attributes this to the top-notch services.

Lee is joined by daughter, Marca, and Jay Markwell.
Lee is joined by daughter, Marca, and son, Jay Markwell.

“I am very proud that my family has been in the funeral business for almost 90 years.”

Of all the things he’s learned over the years, some things are more important than others. “Most importantly to gain respect you must earn it. To be successful you have to work hard. Treat everyone as a friend.”

Lee celebrated his birthday on Saturday, July 9th, with his family and friends. If he could offer a piece of advice to younger generations, it would be this: “Get an education or learn a trade, enjoy what you do, and work hard at it to be successful.”

Overall, Lee is proud to be such a long-term resident of the community and cherishes the years he’s spent in Casey.

“Casey is a great community to live in,” said Lee. “I have lived here my entire life and am proud to have provided services to the community. I appreciate the respect the community has shown to me and my family over the years.”

Siblings, Jr., Lee, and Lois made the party a family affair.
Siblings, Jr., Lee, and Lois made the party a family affair.

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