German Holiday Commercial Teaches Us An Important Lesson

What’s your favorite holiday commercial? It may involve talking M&M’s or polar bears who enjoy partaking in soft drinks. But this year, there’s one German holiday commercial that has a lot of people talking due its emotional message.

Edeka, a grocery store chain in Germany, created this commercial for the Christmas season with an all-too-familiar story. It follows an elderly man preparing for the holidays and looking forward to seeing his family. Unfortunately, his family leaves him a voicemail at the last second, telling him that they won’t be able to make it to see him this year. The poor man is left alone with no one to spend the joyous occasion with.

The next scene is of the man’s funeral, with all of the family coming in for what they think is a time of sadness. The twist is that the man faked his own death so he could bring together his family for the holidays. He knew that was the only thing that could get them to come see him.

sad german holiday commercial

View the emotional ad here.  

This advertisement highlights a lot of unfortunate truths. For one thing, many people suffer from extreme loneliness during the holiday season, and many of these people are the elderly. This commercial brings to light the importance of staying connected to loved ones. They could be gone in an instant. And if family members were to die tomorrow, would you know their wishes and what they would want in a funeral? Edeka’s commercial illuminates the significance of staying in touch with family members for a variety of reasons, including knowing their funeral plans.

The moral of the story is: Give grandma or grandpa a call. They’d love to hear from you.

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