FAQs about Funeral Plans


Frequently Asked Questions

There are hundreds of questions that you probably have about funeral home services, and we understand that this can be one of the most trying times in your life. We’ve compiled some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to both services and funeral homes in general.


What does a typical funeral consist of?
Funerals can be extremely different, depending on the specific type of funeral, and the level of formality involved in the service. The overall idea of a funeral service is that survivors should be able to show their love and respect to the deceased person.

What type of service is right for my family?
Although it is ideal if a person has decided what type of funeral service that they would like to have in a pre-arranged plan, this isn’t always the case. If a funeral service has not been chosen previously to the death, the type of service is completely up to you. Typically the service is held in a funeral home or at a church, and you will also be able to choose if you would prefer the service to be private or public.
How can I personalize my funeral service?
Your funeral can be personalized in several unique ways from the visitation to the ceremony. The dedicated funeral home directors at Markwell Funeral Homes can incorporate your favorite colors, music and loves into your unique celebration of life. This is about you, and we want your funeral service to be a unique and individualized experience. Contact a representative at Markwell Funeral Homes   today!
Should I have a public viewing?
Absolutely. Not only is this tradition a popular option for most modern funeral services, but also experts believe that it can also add in the grief process for the loved ones attending the funeral.
Where can we place our obituary notice?
The obituary notice must be placed by the funeral home in the local newspaper and on the Markwell Funeral Homes  website.
Are there any time/day restrictions on when I can call Markwell Funeral Homes ?
In short, the answer is no. We are available to assist you after traditional “office hours” and of course on weekends. Please do not hesitate to reach out and call us at: 217-932-2131.

Can Markwell Funeral Homes still help me if the death occurs somewhere other than the local Casey/Westfield areas?
Yes. The licensed funeral directors at Markwell Funeral Homes  can help you no matter where the death occurs. Again, contact us at: 217-932-2131 and we will coordinate the arrangements for the return of the deceased to the funeral home.

Should I embalm the body?
Although it is not mandatory by law, we highly recommend it because of time, health and possible legal requirements. The process of embalming enables friends and families to view the deceased by preserving the body.
Can I choose cremation instead of a funeral service?
This process is only a replacement for burial and traditionally comes after a funeral service ceremony.
What are my options for choosing cremation?
Our caring funeral home directors will be able to discuss all of your options with you in regards to cremation. However, people are certainly encouraged to also have a visitation period and traditional funeral service before the cremation process.
Traditionally, who pays for the funeral service?
Usually, the responsibility rests with the family of the deceased. In certain cases, there may be assistance available through veteran, union and other organization entities.
Are vaults required by state law?
No, vaults are not required by law, but most cemeteries do require an outer receptacle for casket.

For answers to other questions, contact Markwell at (217) 932-2131 or email info@markwellfuneralhome.com.

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