Developing a Funeral Plan

Develop a Funeral Plan

Markwell understands how difficult it can be to bury someone you love. It can be an overwhelming time. On top of the emotional toll, there is the process of burial planning and making sure the deceased is honored in a way he or she would want. That’s where we come in. Markwell Funeral Home has built its reputation in the Casey, Westfield, and Martinsville areas by creating personalized and meaningful memorials for loved ones.

Funeral Planning

At Markwell, our first and foremost goal is to help families within the community preserve longstanding traditions and customs. When it comes to immediate need, we can help arrange a funeral for a loved one who has recently died. Our funeral director will help guide you through the process, from selecting a casket to funeral home flowers to other services. The funeral director will also ask family members about the deceased’s personality and character traits in order to incorporate the memory of the person into the funeral plan.

Prepaid Funeral

We can also help you plan ahead for mortuary services, something you don’t necessarily want to think about, but can be paramount. Prepaid and prearranged funeral plans are available via our online funeral planner or through a visit at our actual funeral home. People are advised to request an appointment with Markwell to go over funeral plans.

Any time is a good time to start planning—it’s never too early, especially when life can hold so much uncertainty. Some reasons for developing a funeral plan ahead of time include eliminating stress on your family and making sure they don’t have to pay for your funeral expenses.


Whether you’re interested in planning an immediate funeral or developing a prepaid plan, contact Markwell at (217) 932-2131 or email

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