Funeral Homes & Facilities


After your initial call to Markwell, a funeral home director will guide you through the process of planning a memorial. Next, a decision will need to be made about burial versus cremation, and finally you will need to establish where the memorial will be held.

Location Options

There are many options where a funeral memorial service can be held, from a family church to a chapel in the funeral home to some place else that may hold significance. We can work with families to plan a funeral service anywhere.

One Room Automated Webcasting

For friends and family members that can’t make the memorial service, Markwell offers the option of One Room, a live-streaming system that holds a live web cast of the funeral. This affords relatives and acquaintances from around the world the opportunity to honor the deceased even if they can’t physically be there. One room is a unique webcasting system, purpose built for the funeral sector. Cameras are set-up to privately stream the service live and record the footage for viewing from anywhere on any PC, smartphone, IPad/tablet or IP-enabled TV.

One Room connects absent friends and family on the day. The online recording can be viewed at any time, even by those who were there but may have missed things during the emotion of the day. It can also be kept as a legacy for children and grandchildren to see and hear the stories from previous generations. Click to learn more – > One Room Family Handout

Memorial Options

In addition to location, the funeral director will help you select the day and time of the week, who will officiate the service, the type of flowers, music, and transportation options. You’ll also need to make a list of people you wish to notify with the details of the service.

For more information about memorial options, call Markwell Funeral Home at (217) 932-2131 or email

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