Funeral-Core is the Latest Fashion Craze

What people wear to a funeral is different according to culture. In some Asian societies, white is worn to ceremonies honoring the death of a loved one.

But if you’ve been to a funeral at Markwell Funeral Home or any other local funeral home, you’ve probably noticed mourners wearing the traditional color of black. Dark clothing has been worn to funerals for centuries, dating as far back as the Roman Empire.

While New York Fashion Week 2015 wrapped up last week, showing us what we can expect for spring 2016 fashion, this fall season you may see department stores and other retailers stocking up on clothing supporting the “funeral-core” trend.


You may ask: What’s funeral-core?

Back in March when the fashion industry was looking to fall 2015 trends, many of the big designers revealed collections that looked like what people would wear to a wake. Designer Thom Browne even came out with an “elegy” collection (complete with pews and funeral viewing stands during the runway presentation) that the Washington Post described like this: “Sorrow never looked more beautiful.”

Soon, the term “funeral-core” was coined to describe this type of fashion or couture you’d see at a funeral. Writer Esther Levy wrote: “Think head-to-toe black ensembles, lace veils, fishnet stockings and patent leather brogues.” So while black ensembles have often denoted sadness and death, this fall it’s become en vogue to look like you’re going to a funeral.

With trends like “funeral-core,” it may soon become challenging to figure out whether people are dressed for a funeral or a night out on the town.

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