Jay Markwell’s Aunt Honored for Her Decades of 4-H Work

Markwell Funeral Home’s commitment to the community is all in the family.

Jay Markwell’s aunt Eleanor Markwell was recently honored for her 59 years of service as a leader of the Casey Achievers 4-H Club. Eleanor is married to Mark Markwell, who with his brother Lee operated the Casey, IL funeral home until they retired.

The local TV station WTHI chooses a Wabash Valley resident to recognize each month for the Make a Difference Award, and in July, they chose Eleanor Markwell for her decades of work as a club leader. WTHI anchor Patrece Dayton presented her the award.

“I’m a sentimental slob, so I always cry over good things,” the 89-year-old said in her acceptance speech. “Thank you. It’s been my pleasure and my fun.”

You can watch the video of the ceremony here.

Markwell has been a mentor for three generations of 4-H-ers, which is quite the feat. In fact, Eleanor made a list of all the youth who had been members and counted approximately 761 young people she had come in contact with through the years.

During the awards ceremony, students from past and present came to see her on her special day. Some of her former mentees now have children being mentored by the 4-H veteran.

Like Aunt Eleanor, Markwell Funeral Home is committed to helping others and being a mentor to patrons in Casey, IL, especially during such a difficult time in their lives. We congratulate Eleanor on her years of service and are inspired by her as a role model.

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