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Building the Bridge Seminar a Great Success!

On Wednesday, March 7, Markwell Funeral Home co-sponsored the seminar “Hospice to Funeral Connection: Building the Bridge” with neighboring funeral home… Read More >> 

Participate in Our Second Annual Yippee Pi Day Fundraiser in March!

March is here, which means spring is on the way! But before we get to the official end of winter, we get to celebrate Pi Day on Tuesday, March 14… Read More >>

Markwell Funeral Home Co-sponsors “Hospice to Funeral Connection – Building the Bridge Seminar

Compassion, comfort and providing counsel during crisis – these are all qualities embodied by hospice and palliative care workers and funeral directors… Read More >> 

Markwell Celebrates 90 Years of Service by One Family

A lot can happen in 90 years. Nearly 90 years ago, the first transatlantic telephone call took place, from New York to London; The Jazz Singer opened and became the first movie to use synchronized… Read More >>

January “Spill the Beans” Event Was a Success!

It’s a new year, and you know what that means: Tax season is upon us. Over the next couple of months, everyone will be scrambling to… Read More >>

December Dine With a Doc Welcomes Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner

Every third Tuesday of the month, Senior Education Ministries, Inc. hosts the Dine with a Doc program, an opportunity for area senior citizens to openly discuss health concerns over complimentary lunch…Read More >>

Candy Canes on Main Event Draws Biggest Crowd in 20 Years

Markwell Funeral Home was proud to sponsor an old-fashioned Christmas tree decorating contest in Saturday, December 3… Read More >>

Markwell Sponsoring Christmas Tree Contest on December 3

Do you think you’re the best holiday decorator around? Is your Christmas tree the prettiest one in the neighborhood? If so, Markwell Funeral Home has a challenge for you… Read More >>

Markwell Veterans Day Events Had a Great Turnout!

This past Veterans Day, Markwell Funeral Home recognized the holiday with two special events on Friday, November 11 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m… Read More >>

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, with the theme for this particular month being Know Your Options…Read More >>

Markwell is Honoring Veterans Day with Two Events

Just as Markwell Funeral Home encourages everyone to honor Memorial Day in recognition of those who’ve lost their lives serving our country, the local funeral home also wants to recognize Veterans Day with two special events… Read More >>

This Special Assisted Living Facility Gives Residents a Trip to the Past

Each year in the United States, Alzheimer’s Disease affects more than 5 million Americans and has become the sixth leading cause of death in the country… Read More >> 

Markwell is Going Pink This Month!

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you’re likely to see pink everywhere. It’s the color that signifies the fight against breast cancer…Read More >>

Dine with a Doc Program Welcomes Registered Dietician

Each third Tuesday of the month, Senior Education Ministries, Inc. holds the Dine with a Doc program…Read More>>

4 Things You Need to Know during Suicide Prevention Month

Death is never an easy thing to deal with, and it can especially be difficult when a loved one takes his or her own life…Read More >>

August is National Make-A-Will Month!

You might not know this, but August is National Make-A-Will month…Read More >>

Participate in Markwell’s Trolley Photo Contest

This summer, Markwell Funeral Home is sponsoring a free trolley to take people around Casey and show them “Big Things in a Small Town.”…Read More >>

What Obituaries and Funeral Planning Have in Common

Recently, the Wall Street Journal released an article about former newspaper man, Tom Vartabedian, who’s applying his years of industry experience in writing to help seniors construct the story of their life…Read More >>

Big Turnout at 13th Annual Senior Citizens Prom

Recently, Markwell Funeral Home sponsored entertainment at the 13 annual senior citizens prom…Read More >>

Happy 90th Birthday to Lee Markwell!

July 12th marked an important date for the Markwell Funeral Home family…Read More >>

Threshold Choir Comforts Hospice Patients With Music

Music can be a powerful tool in overcoming grief and providing comfort for patients in hospice care…Read more >>

Markwell Sponsors Trolley To Help Visitors Tour Casey

Many tourists are coming to Casey and need a way to get around the lovely city and see all of the large-and-in-charge features…Read more >>

Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Planned His Funeral Program in Advance

Ali had carefully planned his own three-day funeral program. According to family spokesperson Bob Gunnell, Ali and a close group of advisers had spent nearly 10 years putting together this plan in the event of the sports legend’s death…Read more >>

Dine with a Doc Program Welcomes Foot Doctor

At the most recent Dine with a Doc event, foot doctor Dr. Joseph Borreggine DPM from the Charleston/Mattoon area spoke to the group about the importance of foot care….Read more >>

Celebrate Memorial Day with Meaning This Year

This Memorial Day, when you’re at a get-together or even if you’re not at one, take a moment to think about the fallen soldiers who gave their lives and thank them for their service…Read more >>

Prince’s Death Teaches Us An Important Lesson

There have been many shocking deaths in 2016, including David Bowie who preplanned his entire funeral down to gifting the world with one last album.  But whereas Bowie had every detail nailed down, pop legend Prince wasn’t so fortunate…Read more >>

Markwell Funeral Home Lends a Hand at Bingo Event

Markwell Funeral Home sponsors Bingo the last Friday of each month at the Casey Senior Center. This is just one of many ways the local funeral home gives back to the community…Read more >>

Easter in the Park 2016 is Another Casey Community Success

On Saturday, March 26, 2016, the annual Easter in the Park event was held at the Casey Fairview Park starting at 10 a.m., and it was holiday fun for the whole family…Read more >>

Dine with a Doc Program Features Family Nurse Practitioner

Diana Oakley APN, FNP-BC from the SBL Casey Clinic on NW Third Street spoke to the group, bringing her years of industry experience to citizens…Read more >>

Should You Hire a Photographer for a Funeral?

People hire photographers for weddings, anniversaries, and other happy occasions. But rarely do you ever hear of people hiring photographers for a funeral…Read more >>

Save Lives During Red Cross Month

Just one blood donation session can save up to three lives!…Read more >>

Why Are Adult Coloring Books so Therapeutic?

Adult coloring books are the latest craze in self-help therapy…Read more >>

Why Vanessa Hudgens Performed in “Grease: Live” The Day After Her Dad’s Death

On Saturday, January 30, Vanessa Hudgens’ father Greg passed away from stage 4 cancer, a day before Vanessa was supposed to perform as Rizzo in Fox’s production of Grease: Live on television…Read more >>

Celebrate Pi Day with Markwell Funeral Home

Markwell Funeral Home will be participating in the Yippie Pie Yea Day fundraiser on Monday, March 14 (Pi Day) at the Casey Senior Center…Read more >>

“Spill the Beans” Event Helps Local Seniors

On Monday, January 25, Senior Education Ministries scheduled a special “Spill the Beans with a Tax Preparer” event at the Casey Senior Social Center from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m…Read more >>

Celine Dion’s Husband Preplanned His Funeral

Rene had planned his funeral ahead of time so he wouldn’t have to burden his wife with the planning process during an emotionally difficult time…Read more >>

What David Bowie’s Death Can Teach Us About Pre-Planning

David Bowie’s death is influential when it comes to the importance of funeral pre-planning and making sure your end of life decisions are clearly communicated to your loved ones…Read more >>

Pilot Does the Unthinkable for Grieving Family

Even though you can plan a funeral, sometimes life’s unpredictable and unfortunate events can interfere with the mourning process…Read more >>

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Shares How She Worked Through Her Grief

In May 2015, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg experienced the loss of her husband, Survey Monkey CEO Dave Goldberg…Read more >>

Put This On Your New Year’s Resolutions

People who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to reach their goals than people who don’t…Read more >>

German Holiday Card Teaches Us An Important Lesson

There’s one German holiday commercial that has a lot of people talking due its emotional message…Read more >>

7 Heartfelt and Funny Funeral Cards

There’s no card that can ever truly soothe a healing heart when it comes to death, but here are some condolence cards that aim to put a smile on mourners’ faces…Read more >>

Markwell Participates in “Candy Canes on Main”

Markwell Funeral Home provided free hot chocolate and cookies from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Casey Township Library for the “Candy Canes on Main” event in downtown Casey…Read more >>

Markwell Sponsors Dine with a Doc Program Featuring Physical Therapist

On Tuesday, November 17, Markwell Funeral Home took part in the Dine with a Doc program from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Casey Senior Social Center at 2 SW 2nd St. in Casey…Read more >>

How To Cope During Your First Holiday Without a Loved One

For people just experiencing the loss of a loved one, the impending holidays can conjure up feelings of dread…Read more >>

Markwell Honors Veterans at Appreciation Dinner

Veterans Day was last week and, to celebrate the holiday, Markwell Funeral Home hosted a Veterans Appreciation Dinner at 6 p.m. at the Casey VFW…Read more >>

The Death Rate Among This Group of Americans is on the Rise

Most humans are living longer due to modern technology and medicine. But last week, one group was reported to be not living as long: middle-aged white Americans…Read more >>

Markwell Helps Make Kathy Moore’s Dream a Reality

On Thursday, September 17, the Casey Health Care Center hosted its yearly Open House, but it also hosted a special event for an extraordinary lady…Read more >>

Markwell to Sponsor Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner

Markwell Funeral Home cares about the armed forces and those who’ve served our country…Read more >>

Up-cycling Idea to Commemorate Loved Ones

There are many challenges, both emotional and physical, when dealing with the death of a loved oneRead more >>

Fayette County Long Term Health Residents Treated to Casey’s Charms

Markwell Funeral Home staff members Dee Partlow, Millie Malone, and Bill Williams recently sponsored a luncheon for residents of Fayette County Hospital and Long Term Health Care on Thursday, October 1….Read more >>

New Study Shows Disparity Among Who Actually Pre-Plans Their Funerals

Markwell Funeral Home believes that funeral and memorial services are an important part of the grieving process, but as it turns out, so do a majority of Americans….Read more >>

5 Fun Facts about the Casey Popcorn Festival

During the same weekend as the Illinois State Horseshoe Tournament, the annual Casey Illinois Popcorn Festival took place at Casey Fairview Park Saturday September 5 through Monday September 7….Read more >>

Funeral-Core is the Latest Fashion Craze

What people wear to a funeral is different according to culture. In some Asian societies, white is worn to ceremonies honoring the death of a loved one. But if you’ve been to a funeral at Markwell Funeral Home or any other local funeral home, you’ve probably noticed mourners wearing the traditional color of black. Dark clothing has been worn to funerals for centuries, dating as far back as the Roman Empire…Read more >>

Markwell Donates to Casey Horseshoe Club, Illinois State Horseshoe Tournament

The Illinois State Horseshoe Tournament took place at the Casey Fairview Park Friday September 4 through Monday September 7, bringing out more than 150 pitchers to participate in the event. The horseshoe tournament coincided with the 28th annual Casey Illinois Popcorn Festival, so a lot was popping in Casey this past Labor Day Weekend (not just popcorn kernels)….Read more >>

Jay Markwell’s Aunt Honored for Her Decades of 4-H Work

Markwell Funeral Home’s commitment to the community is all in the family. Jay Markwell’s aunt Eleanor Markwell was recently honored for her 59 years of service as a leader of the Casey Achievers 4-H Club. Eleanor is married to Mark Markwell, who with his brother Lee operated the Casey, IL funeral home until they retired...Read more >>

Markwell Helped Make Westfield Homecoming Festival a Fun End-of-Summer Event

In addition to helping patrons that come through the door every day (the light at our entrance has a special meaning), Markwell Funeral Home is committed to helping the community in a variety of ways, whether it’s through sponsoring the Dine with a Doc program or honoring veterans at a Fourth of July event.Read more >>

Back-to-School Season Highlights Importance of Pre-Planning

When August comes around, parents and guardians often go into organization mode with the upcoming school season. What do the kids need to survive and thrive?Read more >>

‘Dine with a Doc’ Program Connects Audiologist to Community

On Tuesday July 21, Marwell sponsored a Dine with a Doc program which takes place every other month at the Casey Senior Center on Central Avenue. The program assists older residents with how to make more informed choices on specific topics related to their health….Read more >>

What Happens to Your Student Loan Debt When You Die?

Two weeks ago, The Atlantic published a story about what happens to unpaid student debt in the event of an untimely death….Read more >>

Celebrate Your Loved One’s Life with This Unique Display

At Markwell Funeral Home, we’re dedicated to providing personalized funeral services to patrons in and around the Casey, IL area. We want the funeral process to be a reflection of the individual, not something cold or uniform that doesn’t embody the personality of the deceased….Read more >>

Markwell’s Front Light Has Special Meaning

Light represents a lot. It can represent a higher being, enhanced vision, or even life in general, like the flicker of a flame on a candle. It’s usually a positive representation, which is why we at Markwell Funeral Home have a unique way we utilize light to demonstrate to the community our dedication to patrons….Read more >>

Markwell Funeral Home Takes Part in Senior Citizen Prom

Prom season typically takes place in the spring season for many high schools across the country, but recently Markwell & Son Funeral Home in Casey, IL got to be a part of a special prom event that took place in middle of summer….Read more >>

Veterans Honored at Fourth of July Event

For many people, the Fourth of July is about fireworks and food. But while these are two ways to celebrate the holiday, it’s important to remember that it’s a patriotic day, one to remind us of our independence and what it is to be an American….Read more >>

Man’s Obituary Highlights Importance of Preneed Services

Friends and family members may put a lot of time, effort, and worry into crafting the perfect obituary for a loved one.But fortunately, for Douglas Legler’s family, Legler made it easy on the ones he would leave behind by telling them exactly what he wanted his to say…Read more >>

At Markwell Funeral Homes, Giving Back is Our Passion

In business for more than 80 years, Markwell Funeral Homes is proud to be the leading provider of funeral services throughout the Clark county area. Along with our dedication to creating the most personalized and expert memorials, we believe it’s our commitment to community outreach…Read more >>

What Happens to Your Online Accounts When You Die?

From blogs and social media pages to digital accounts and photos, our online presences persist long after we’re gone these days. And while most of us create wills specifying what should happen to our property…Read more >>

Are Comfort Foods Really Comforting?

Funeral homes across the country are all linked by one thread. Whether you’re a funeral home in the midwest or a coastal institution, there’s one thing in common: providing food for grieving families…Read more >>

5 Fun Family Activities in the Casey/Westfield Area

Here at Markwell Funeral Homes in Casey and Westfield, Illinois, we’re all about family. While it is our mission to provide comfort and peace-of-mind to families in their time of need, we also want to help families in our community live full, active lives…Read more >>

How to Personalize an Obituary

At Markwell Funeral Homes, we comfort families during their time of need and assist them through every step of the funeral planning process. There are some aspects of the process that can seem daunting while grieving the loss of a loved one…Read more >>

Markwell Contributes to Summer Reading Program

Summer is just around the corner, which means school will be out soon for many kids in the region. One thing many families struggle with is what to do to keep children engaged during these more relaxing months…Read more >>

‘Easter in the Park’ Event Held by Local Chamber of Commerce

In addition to Markwell’s funeral home services, we also like to be in touch with the local community. Most recently, Markwell’s funeral director intern Millie Malone was involved in a local Chamber of Commerce event. …Read more >>

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an Epitaph

For those putting together prepaid funeral arrangements, choosing an epitaph for a tombstone can be an important decision, especially since you’re leaving a lasting quotation to the world….Read more >>

One Room is the One-Stop Problem-Solver for Travel Issues

As if a death in the family isn’t emotionally stressful enough, it never works around people’s schedules. It can happen at any time, and sometimes, the next flight home isn’t available or you simply don’t have enough money in the bank to pay for the travel expenses….Read more >>

Wrap Yourself in Comfort During this Difficult Time

When a loved one passes away, friends and family members may be inclined to lie in bed and enclose themselves under the covers. This is a natural aspect of grief, as the first stage of dealing with a loss includes denial and isolation….Read more >>

5 Alternatives to Wearing Black to a Funeral

Black is a standard color to wear to funeral services in the United States. In fact, this trend even extends to the United Kingdom: Queen Victoria wore black for 40 years when mourning the loss of her husband Prince Albert….Read more >>

Cleaning out a House? Here’s What to Do with a Loved One’s Old Items

After a funeral home service is over, that’s when many relatives and family members must go through old items at the deceased’s house and decide what to get rid of and what to keep. This can be both a cathartic and overwhelming process, and one of the things family members struggle with is what to do with all of this stuff….Read more >>

5 Myths about Cremation

Cremation is included in Markwell’s funeral arrangements. Yet, not everyone is informed on the process. We’re here to clear that up….Read more >>

Why Public Viewings are Important

In Markwell’s Frequently Asked Questions portion of the website, we address why it’s important to have a public viewing, citing: “[. . .] experts believe that it can also aid in the grief process for the loved ones attending the funeral.”…Read more >>

What to Say at a Funeral of Someone You Don’t Really Know

For many people, there’s some social anxiety that goes into attending a funeral. It’s a reason why some mourners refrain from attend a viewing. When it comes to funeral home etiquette, What do you say? What do you do?Read more >>

What Does This Rundown Building Have to Do with the Funeral Business?

Take a look at this photograph. What does it have to do with funeral home services and Markwell Funeral Home? A lot, actually….Read more >>

One of the Biggest Benefits of Pre-planning a Funeral

There are many benefits to pre-planning a funeral at Markwell Funeral Home. The “deceased” are able to make their wishes known before they pass away, and it takes the stress off of the family who may be forced to make difficult decisions without knowing what their loved one wanted…Read more >>

Learn more about the Dine with a Doc program

We love giving back to people in Casey, IL and the surrounding areas.Here’s yet another program we are involved with that we want you to learn more about…Read more >>