Cleaning out a House? Here’s What to Do with a Loved One’s Old Items

After a funeral home service is over, that’s when many relatives and family members must go through old items at the deceased’s house and decide what to get rid of and what to keep. This can be both a cathartic and overwhelming process, and one of the things family members struggle with is what to do with all of this stuff.

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Here are four local companies that can help when it comes to cleaning out a house.

1. Advanced Disposal What do you do with old couches and even carpet? This company can help with a facility located in nearby Charleston. Call for pricing and to schedule a curbside pickup.

2. Cash for Cars Sometimes, older relatives have cars that haven’t been driven in years. How do you get rid of one, especially if it doesn’t work? This company welcomes all makes and models, whether or not they run. They’ll come to you and pay cash on the spot.

3. Mervis Recycling Is there a ton of random scrap metal in a garage? This company pays competitive prices for all recyclable materials.

4. Ingram Waste Disposal This company picks up bulk waste (up to 110 gallons!) and takes it to an EPA approved landfill.

Going through a loved one’s belongings can be emotionally and physically paralyzing, since you’re dealing with grief while trying to mine through the material remnants left behind. You may look around and think, “Will I ever get through all of this?” These companies are here to help make the situation a little easier and can help the clean-up and bereavement process move forward.

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