Celebrate Your Loved One’s Life with This Unique Display

At Markwell Funeral Home, we’re dedicated to providing personalized funeral services to patrons in and around the Casey, IL area. We want the funeral process to be a reflection of the individual, not something cold or uniform that doesn’t embody the personality of the deceased.

One way that families and friends can celebrate their loved one’s life in a unique manner is through this simple and inexpensive way.

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Search through your photo collection and have old and new photos of a loved one printed and put in frames or simple picture stands. People in the pictures with the deceased loved one can take one home as a keepsake. At the event, pictures can be placed throughout the house or funeral home.

Here are some tips on how to do it.

– Snapfish is a good place to print digital photos. 4 X 6 prints are 9 cents each.

– FedEx and Kinkos are other printing services for photos.

– You can get inexpensive frames at dollar stores like Dollar General and Family Dollar.

In addition to allowing family and friends to take home a memory with them, this may also be a good way to allocate photos and items the deceased loved one would have wanted their family and friends to have. This may be especially helpful for families going through the deceased’s house and cleaning it out to sell.

Many people leave funerals feeling a little emptier, having lost a friend or family member. But this unique celebration allows for people to take a piece of their friend or loved one home with them.

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