Celebrate Memorial Day with Meaning This Year


Every year, people celebrate Memorial Day in many common ways which usually include picnics, outdoor activities, and maybe even going to the movies. But Markwell Funeral Home wants everyone to remember what the holiday is really about: reflecting on those who gave their lives in the name of our country.

This Memorial Day, when you’re at a get-together or even if you’re not at one, take a moment to think about the fallen soldiers who gave their lives and thank them for their service. Because of them, we’re able to enjoy many freedoms we take for granted.

Markwell Funeral Home is committed to honoring our veterans through many philanthropy events. In November, the local funeral home hosted a Veterans Appreciation Dinner at the Casey VFW. In July, Markwell also takes part in a Fourth of July luncheon to celebrate veterans, Shriners, and their families, with delicious food. To Markwell, it’s important to revere these individuals who risked their lives for the nation.

The Casey funeral home also offers personalized funeral services for veterans. The staff would be happy to help veterans and their families with advanced funeral planning in order to make sure military men and women have fitting memorials that honor them for their years of experience. Markwell can secure the right paperwork and other recognitions necessary.

Those interested in planning ahead can get started by filling out this online form, which includes military-related questions like branch of service, serial number, date enlisted, rank at discharge, and date of discharge. The Markwell staff wants to make sure it knows everything possible in order to create an appropriate tribute.

For information on news to the funeral industry, services at Markwell Funeral Home Casey Illinois, and answers to questions related to developing a funeral plan, read Markwell’s blog, which offers further information. You can also contact Markwell Funeral Home with your questions at (888) 932-2630 or email them at info@markwellfuneralhome.com.