About Us – Markwell Funeral Homes

About Us - Markwell Funeral Home

Markwell Funeral Homes Have Been Area Funeral Planner for More Than 85 Years

Serving the Casey, Westfield, and Martinsville areas, Markwell Funeral Homes have been the preferred local funeral home to residents since 1923.

As a three-generation family business, Markwell understands how difficult it can be to bury a loved one. With years of experience and training, the staff is committed to providing personalized mortuary services to grieving families. Not only can they guide you through the funeral process, but they also can be helpful neighbors during this difficult time.

Markwell Funeral Home, Trusted Name in Funeral Planning

The grieving process can be scary and overwhelming. When it comes to the death of a loved one, it’s important to find a funeral home you can depend on and find comfort in.

As a dedicated funeral planner, Markwell has been a trusted name in the community for decades, with a focus on helping families preserve traditions and customs when honoring a loved one.  In addition to its reflection on the past, Markwell looks to the future with key innovations in the industry. In 2014, funeral-home operator Jay Markwell was named president of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association and has welcomed this leadership role within the community.


To contact Markwell Funeral Home, call (217) 932-2131 or email info@markwellfuneralhome.com.

At Markwell, your family is our family. Find out how Markwell’s funeral directors and staff can help you find the best way to create a personalized funeral service by visiting Our Funeral Homes page.