7 Heartfelt and Funny Funeral Cards

funny funeral cardsThe New York Times recently published a piece on how the greeting card industry is changing. When it comes to modern-day cards, they’re more naughty than nice and also address more uncelebrated life experiences like divorce and even funerals.

There’s no card that can ever truly soothe a healing heart when it comes to death, but here are some condolence cards that aim to put a smile on mourners’ faces.

  1. Five Stages of Grief Card by Emily McDowell.
  2. This card from Bubba Buddies will actually attempt to dry your tears for you.
  3. Losing a Furry Friend Card by Farewell Paperie. It doesn’t matter whether they were human or K-9. People grieve when they lose their friends.
  4. Sometimes a silly pun can bring a smile to someone’s face, like this card from Champaign Paper.
  5. I’m Here for You Always by CypressDesignCo. Grief is a tough thing to go through, and this card gives people peace of mind that they have a support system backing them up.
  6. This more frank card from Moonlight Makers just spells everything out.
  7. This card by Knotty Cards wants to transfer your pain to someone else.


While not all of these cards might be appropriate for particular situations or people, they can bring a smile to a close friend or family member going through a rough time. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and that may also be true when it comes to healing a hurting heart.

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