5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an Epitaph

For those putting together prepaid funeral arrangements, choosing an epitaph for a tombstone can be an important decision, especially since you’re leaving a lasting quotation to the world.

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While “In Loving Memory” is a popular choice funeral directors see, it’s also the most common. In order to create a more personalized memorial for yourself or someone else, you may want to consider coming up with a unique epitaph. Here are some questions to ask yourself when it comes to choosing an epitaph.

1. How big will the stone be? Obviously, the bigger the stone, the more room for words. A small stone may limit your choice of phrase and may be the difference between a song lyric and an epic poem.

2. Do you have any favorite catchphrases? A catchphrase can be a humorous yet heartwarming epitaph because it adds personality to the tombstone and reminds everyone of the deceased’s life on earth

3. What are your passions? Are you an avid fisherman or fisherwoman? Perhaps a quotation about fishing would be appropriate. (“I’d rather be fishing” on a tombstone would be both applicable and humorous.)

4. Do you have any favorite reading passages? This could be from the Bible or even from Dr. Seuss. Avid readers will want to scour through their favorite literature and pick a quotation that suits them. Good Reads is a good place to find passages from books.

5. How would others describe you? Maybe you’ve never thought much about how others see you. Ask your loved ones how they would describe you and this may inspire your epitaph (“Loyal friend and hard-working entrepreneur”).

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