5 Myths about Cremation

Cremation is included in Markwell’s funeral arrangements. Yet, not everyone is informed on the process. We’re here to clear that up.

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Here are 5 Myths about Cremation:

Myth: The funeral service won’t be the same as a normal one with a casket.

Not true. Family members can gather together and mourn a loved one just as they would someone who’s being buried in a casket. It doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate and honor a person’s life in the same fashion they would with a burial.

Myth: There is no visitation period or funeral service.

When it comes to cremation, there can most definitely be a visitation period with the body. In fact, cremation only replaces the burial process. Typically, it takes place following a funeral service ceremony.

Myth: The process of cremation involves your loved one being burned by fire.

Nope. Actually, the process of cremation involves high temperatures—not fire. The body is exposed to extremely high temps which weakens the body down to gases and fragments of bone. The body is not burned with flames.

Myth: If you’re a Christian or Catholic, you can’t be cremated.

Before 1963, Catholics were encouraged to refrain from cremating bodies and to participate in the practice of burial planning since it aligns with how Jesus’s remains were honored. However, eventually this ban was lifted, even though Catholicism still prefers burial.

When it comes to other Christian religions, Protestantism started including cremation in their funeral procedures in the 1870s. However, the Eastern Orthodox Church still doesn’t believe in cremation.

Myth: Cremation results in ashes.

Not so. Cremation actually results in what is known as “cremains,” or pulverized bone matter.

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