5 Alternatives to Wearing Black to a Funeral

Black is a standard color to wear to funeral services in the United States. In fact, this trend even extends to the United Kingdom: Queen Victoria wore black for 40 years when mourning the loss of her husband Prince Albert.

But during the spring and summer months, black can be very uncomfortable to wear, especially if you’re sitting or standing outside for a funeral service, in brutal heat and sunlight. While it’s a custom, you don’t necessarily have to wear it.

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Here are some alternatives to wearing black to a funeral.

1. White. Yes, white is the color a bride wears in a wedding, but in Asian culture it represents death. Relatives in an Asian funeral will often wear white to honor the deceased. But they don’t wear red, as that is forbidden. So not only can white be more comfortable as a color, but it can also be just as meaningful.

2. Pale or light blue. It’s not as dark as black, but it still has a darker hue than other colors.

3. Green. Green is a color that makes people happy. The walls of hospitals are often painted in this color in order to bring comfort to patients, and the color has also been used in everything from bedrooms to workouts to influence positivity.

4. Beige. What would you wear to a job interview? That’s often what people ask themselves before dressing for a funeral. Beige is a color that’s neutral and a good alternative to the darker black.

5. Gray. It’s really just a lighter black, so in essence, you’re wearing a funeral color, just a lighter version.

It can be stressful to figure out what to wear to a funeral, especially when you don’t want to seem disrespectful or inappropriate. Besides thinking about what you’d wear to a job interview, another good bit of advice is to think about what you’d wear to church.

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